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5 Ways to Switch Up Your Career in Memphis

It’s clear that the COVID-Economy has brought along both career anxiety as well as wishful vocational thinking for many of us Memphians. Many of us are wrestling with joblessness, or simply have more idle time to sit and think, “What if I started doing _____?” Chances are we’ve all gone down some rabbit hole of thinking we could be a TV chef, world-renowned artist, a TikTok influencer, or maybe a master gardener. Whatever your dream is, we’ve compiled a list of a few different programs in Memphis that can help you make your career dream a reality.


Tech901 is a high-quality information technology training program tailored specifically to Memphis’ hiring needs in I.T. Through a variety of different affordable classes, graduates can be placed in I.T. positions in Memphis with an entry-level salary of anywhere between $31,770 and $54,860. You can read more about Tech901 courses and apply here.

Start Co.

Maybe the past few months has given you the opportunity to go deeper into your entrepreneurial self. If making a jump into the startup world interests you, check out the accelerator programs at Start Co. Their three specific programs tailor business growth to logistics/supply chain, medical device, and smart city and property technology-based startups in Memphis. See more and apply here.


Got a few months of homeschooling under your belt and thinking you could teach for real? Teach901 is a collective of schools and operators from all throughout the 901. Making moves towards a career in education is easier than it seems thanks to residency programs like Memphis Teacher Residency, Teach for America and more. Check out the Teach901 jobs page for various teaching, administrative, and support positions across a wide range of public, charter, and private schools in Shelby County.

Southwest Community College

More than likely COVID-19 has increased your appreciation for our heroes that work on the frontline of our medical and public safety system. If that appreciation has turned into a potential passion for you, Southwest Community College offers first responder courses for those interested in EMT, Paramedic and Fire, and also offers an Associate Degree nursing program that was recently ranked among the top 10 in Tennessee.

Art Residencies

A group of people standing in front of a red sculpture in Memphis.
A woman performing on stage with a microphone.
A young woman playing a piano in front of a group of musicians explores 5 ways to switch up your career in Memphis.

\Memphis is home to some of the most talented artists with a diversity of mediums. As part of this art culture, we’ve also got some great residency programs for emerging and established artists:

Did we miss a vocational program? Tell us in the comments, and we’ll add it to the list!

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