5 Ways Families Can Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Spring is here, and before you know it so will summer. Are you prepared to prevent the summer slide that many kids experience when they have the summers off from school? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with five ways to prevent summer learning loss this year. 


Summer camps are one of the greatest ways to encourage summer learning for kids, and prevent summer learning loss. Whether you explore and choose out of state options, or you want your child to stay close to home, there are many great options for summer camp. 

Local options for summer camps include STREETS, Memphis Athletic Ministries, and Stax Music Academy.

2. make the most out of the library

Memphis Public Library offers many different ways for access to books, and what better time to get your child reading than during the summer. At MPL, not only can you open up a library card for your child, but you can also enjoy features like DiscoverREAD—an interactive literacy space for families.


Bookstores are another great option to get your child reading this summer. Some give you the option of new or used books like at South Main Book Juggler, or an option to dine in right next to the bookstore like at Novel. There’s a bookstore or library that fits every kids need this summer. 


Having a list of books to read throughout the summer gives your child plenty of options to choose from to meet their different interests. Demoir Books & Things came up with this summer must-read list.


Summer learning shouldn’t feel like a chore. Find ways to make learning fun this summer by turning it into a challenge, allowing your child to have a say in what they are learning, and finding activities whenever you can. 

Another great way is to find summer learning workbooks that include great daily learning activities for your child to complete!

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