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5 Giant, Glowing Bunnies to Invade Overton Park This Month

Photos: Crystal Cason

Photos by Crystal Cason.

Australian artist Amanda Parer’s Intrude, one of the most highly acclaimed major public art installations in the world, is coming to the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art in January.

Intrude brings five giant illuminated rabbits, the largest of which is over 23 feet tall, to Overton Park beginning January 18 – 22 and 25 – 29. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday, January 18, which will be free for Brooks members. There will also be a free Hoppy Hour event on Saturday from 3pm-7pm.

The outside exhibit is free to view, and the museum will present programming to promote interaction between exhibition visitors. Planned programs include a film series that will provide both context and entry point, forging connections between fine art and popular media through films such as Harvey and Night of the Lepus. There will also be an Instagram contest, and more details will be provided soon.

Parer’s Intrude has been seen on four continents, in over 50 cities by over a million people. The exhibit comes to Memphis as part of the Brooks Museum of Art’s upcoming exhibitions in 2017.

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