Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

48 Hours to Record at Ardent Studios

Photo: Lindsay Ritter

One studio, 16 sessions in 48 hours. Want a chance to join the non-stop recording weekend at Ardent Studios? It starts midnight August 15th and ends at 11:59 pm August 16th.

Ardent has recorded artists such as Sam & Dave, Isaac Hayes, and ZZ Top. The 16 Over 48 recording session will bring in 16 acts to Studio C, nicknamed “The ZZ Top Room.” This studio is the most recently renovated studio at Ardent offering 3 isolation booths, ProTools, and with an incredible atmosphere designed for ideal listening and mixing.

Each artist will have 4 engineers to work with for the 2-hour sessions. Food and drinks will be available during recording along with top-notch backline to record with, special deals from Ardent sponsors, and a CD or digital copy of your recording not to mention boasting rights from having worked in such a historic studio that has been home to so many celebrated artists.

To book your session call Dan Russo or Mike Wilson at (901) 725-0855 or email at Spots are limited so book ASAP!

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