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3 Reasons Why Memphians Should See Adam Hambrick on 6/18

I have to admit that I am a transplant to Memphis from East Tennessee and my blood runs orange. However there are three big things that Memphis has offered that have become part of my day to day: interconnectedness, collaboration, and a thirst for good music! Those three things are all celebrated in the fact that this Thursday, Adam Hambrick is playing at Studio688.

Adam Hambrick

1.) Memphis’s interconnectedness makes the city feel like a “big-small town.”

I know I am not the only one who has felt amazed by how easy it is to connect in Memphis.  For me, it’s hard going to any local coffee shop without seeing a familiar face and being introduced to a new friend. While I know that I am biased because I am wired that way, I think even introverts find Memphis eerily connected!

So here is the play by play about how Adam’s show is happening: My friend Larry (who I know because of Austen, who is connected to Kelly, a Memphian) calls me up and says his friend [Adam] wants to play a show in Memphis. Larry gives me Adam’s number. I talk with Adam to learn that he had played a house show in Memphis this past fall! I recalled that Sam had in fact invited me to attend, but later failed to deliver the pertinent information of when and where Adam’s show would be. Adam played said show at John’s, who is a former colleague of Adam’s and only recently he has become a friend of mine. These “collisions” happen so easily in Memphis. In spite of being one of the US’s largest cities, it’s super easy to know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody in Memphis.

2.) If you have a great idea in Memphis, someone is willing to come alongside you and collaborate.

Whether it’s what Memphians witnessed recently with the support of the Tennessee Brewery Untapped event to the whole Crosstown Concourse development, collaboration is something that we must get from that wonderful artesian-well water. Once I knew about Adam wanting to do a show in Memphis, I talked with my friend Caleb. Caleb created what in itself is a music endeavor that is all about collaboration: 3artists1yard.

See our feature on Caleb and 3artists1yard:

Caleb has spent many hours putting shows together, so this became a very easy transition from Adam’s desire to play in Memphis to my knowledge of that interest and then to the connection to Caleb into the setup of Thursday’s show.

3.) Music is and always will be one of Memphis’s first loves.

Memphis’s music culture is deeper and wider than any of us can really imagine. It’s said to be the city mentioned the most in commercially recorded songs. I mean is there a Memphian who has yet to roll their eyes when out of town family sings “Walking in Memphis” to them? Alliteration aside, Memphis music rolls off the tongue so smoothly.

It brings me joy seeing how both Memphis’s interconnectedness and its collaborative spirit take life in the music scene. This is seen at house shows, which is something I had not been to before moving to Memphis. Not been to one? Ask around and get the invite, play one, or host one! You can also see it through the Artistik Lounge community [Artistik Lounge happens every Third Sunday & They celebrate 3 years on June 21st, by the way]. Ultimately, this is seen by Adam’s show on Thursday where Caleb’s friends, my friends, John’s friends, and their friends’ friends, oh and maybe you will come out to connect, collaborate, and enjoy some good music!

Music starts at 6:30 pm. Travis Roman and Caleb’s band Idle and Wild will be opening for Adam Hambrick.

Early bird tickets are available here for $5. Tickets will be $8 at the door. See you there!

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