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2019-2020 Shelby County Mayor’s Young Professionals Council Announced

Photo by Shannon Little

The Shelby County Mayor’s office has announced the roster for the first Mayor’s Young Professionals Council to operate under the Harris Administration.

The Shelby County Mayor’s Young Professionals Council was founded in 2012 by then-Mayor Mark Luttrell as a means to listen and respond to issues impacting young professionals in Shelby County. Under his administration, the council served as a group of ambassadors who gauged and identified the needs and desires of local young professionals and made policy recommendations to help “attract, retain and develop engaged and active leaders of tomorrow.” In previous years, the MYPC has hosted an annual leadership summit and has partnered with I-Zone Schools to coach high school students toward career readiness.

The MYPC 2019-20 Chairman is Erik Henneghan, a native Memphian and graduate of Memphis Central High School and Southern University A&M. He went on to earn a Master of Science degree in Leadership Development from Belhaven University. Henneghan currently serves as a project manager with The Dufresne Spencer Group.

Erik Henneghan, Shelby County MYPC Chair

“The Mayor’s Young Professionals Council has been an important voice in raising issues and bringing new ideas to the table for how young residents can live, work, and play in Shelby County,” said MYPC Chairman Erik Henneghan. “I’m excited about this next phase of our work under the Harris Administration. I look forward to welcoming new members, fresh perspectives, and – most importantly – action.”

The members of the 2019-2020 Mayor’s Young Professionals Council represent large and small organizations in the public, profit, and non-profit sectors. Participants are selected by a committee of their peers and are invited to serve for a 2-year term. This year, Mayor Lee Harris required that 40% of MYPC members are employed by Shelby County Government.

The inaugural members of the Harris Administration’s young professionals council are as follows:

  • Erik Henneghan, Chairman
  • Deveney Perry, Vice Chairwoman
  • Andrea Jacobo
  • Flo Gibbs
  • Brenda Flores
  • Jonathan Ealy
  • Carl Schneider
  • Erim Sarinoglu
  • Iman McGhee
  • Frankie Dakin
  • Katherine Jones
  • Sylvia Crum
  • Carlissa Shaw
  • Ashley Crockett
  • Jamal Whitlow
  • Allen Horton
  • Lisa Williams
  • Erik Stevenson
  • Sam Powers
  • Holli Howell
  • Adele Hixon-Day

“Shelby County Government is chock-full of talented young leaders who want to see our community thrive. Serving on the Young Professionals Council is a chance for them to support the many exciting things happening across our county,” said Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris. “I look forward to partnering with the Young Professionals Council to accomplish some of the goals of this Administration.”

For updates on the new direction of the Shelby County Mayor’s Young Professionals Council, follow the council’s Facebook page.

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