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2015 Multi-Venue Art Exhibition Series

Crosstown Arts, the UrbanArt Commission, and ArtsMemphis will be partnering to present a series of exhibits during 2015. Public/Art/ists will showcase art from local artists who have contributed to several art projects in the Memphis community.

Art created by these artists on a less than public level will be displayed in the series. The Public/Art/ists series intends to not only feature the studio art of these artists, but also demonstrate the methods they use to create public art.

The first Public/Art/ists event will be displayed by Crosstown Arts. The artists who have augmented the urban scenery of Memphis will get to share their studio art during this exhibition.

Artists, submit up to 3 original non-public studio art pieces by email at You must include artists full name and a contact phone number and email. Also include the name of the works along with the art, size, and year of creation. Upload up to two images of each work in a JPEG, TIFF, or PDF format. Name the fill in accord with this format: artist’s first initial_last name_title of artwork_submission number (Ex:  j_doe_myartwork_1.jpg). Include any details about the display needs for the piece. And you must send the name, location, and kind of at least 1 public art project you have worked in or are currently working in. Please add 1 photo per public art project.

The deadline for submissions is January 16th.

The submissions will be reviewed by a panel, and all of your submissions have an equal chance of being accepted. The artists whose pieces are selected will be notified by January 23rd. Artists will be responsible for delivering or shipping their artwork to Crosstown Arts on February 1st or 2nd between 9:00am and 5:00pm (these are the only times you can drop off your art). You can pick up your art after closing on Sunday, March the 1st.

The exhibition will go on starting February 6th and go though the 26th. On the 6th of February, there will be an opening reception for the gallery. On Saturday, February 7th, there will be a group discussion about the pieces of art with the artists.

More information about all of the Public/Art/ists events is coming soon!

Visit the Crosstown Arts website here to learn more about them!

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