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Literacy Mid-South’s 2014 Books of Choice

Choose901, Literacy Mid-South

Literacy Mid-South is dedicated to making the Memphis community a community that constantly learns. According to their website, in our community 26% of adults have low literacy skills that prevent them from filling out a job application, making sense out of a bus schedule or participating in a job readiness program, which is why this organization is crucial to our community.

Every year they have a Book of Choice, which is the staff’s personal picks for must-read books in 2014 to help Memphians grow as a community.

The 2014 must-reads were announced December 13th at their Art of Reading and Book Sale event. This year, the Books of Choice are (drumroll, please)…

Neversink by Memphis author Barry Wolverton

  • In Neversink, Wolverton tells a tale of friendship and survival through the story of an odd-looking seabird settlement that must protect their beloved home from an invading owl colony.

Life is So Good by George Dawson and Richard Glaubman

  • Life is So Good tells the story of a 101-year-old former Memphian, George Dawson, and the life lessons he learned living as the grandson of a slave in twentieth-century America.

If Literacy Mid-South’s mission is something that interests you, make sure to stay connected through their Twitter and Facebook page. There area also several volunteer opportunities to stay involved here.

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