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13 Memphis Restaurants Certified By US Healthful Food Council

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Thirteen Memphis area restaurants have been certified in the US Healthful Food Council’s Responsible Epicurean and Agricultural Leadership program (REAL). In coordination with the national program, Eat REAL Tennessee has announced the first REAL Certified restaurants in Memphis.

REAL is a program that fights disease related to nutrition by incentivizing food services to provide healthier options. The program uses a points-based method, through independent registered dietitians, to evaluate business and certify those who qualify. Restaurants were judged based on maximization of healthy foods such as vegetables, water, and whole grains; moderation of portions, red meats, and poultry; and minimization of fried foods, added sugars, and the amount of sodium.

“Memphis is a city rich in local food culture and community, and these eating establishments are helping shift the environment towards a more healthful and sustainable model.”

– Eat REAL Tennessee Project Manager Nikkole Turner.

The Memphis business who have been REAL Certified are:

You can visit any of the restaurants websites listed above, and you can find more info on the REAL Program here.

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