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10th Annual Drumathon with Visible Music College

October 24th marks the 10th annual drumathon for Visible Music College. Student drummers from Visible are challenged to drum for 24 straight hours to raise money for a good cause.
There are two rules:
  • All drummers must play all 24 hours.
  • All drummers must have at least two limbs playing at all times.
This year’s cause is to raise $6500 to fund a seminar hosted by the world renown drummer Zoro. Zoro will visit Memphis to host a class for Visible Music College percussion students and offer a session open to the public so that young drummers in the Memphis area will have an opportunity to attend and learn. Additional money raised from Drumathon will fund a college scholarship for a student who attends Visible Community Music School.

Drumathon 10 marks a significant milestone for Visible Music College and all the drummers that have taken part over the years,” says Simon Alexander, professor of percussion. “The event has helped to bring the Memphis music-loving community together and has raised in excess of $50,000 for music education. Previously the drummers would raise money to attend a week long conference, but with this year’s anniversary we thought we might do something special to mark the occasion. Money raised bring to Memphis one of the top drummers and educators in the country, Zoro, for an evening of lectures and drum instruction taking place on January 16.”

What can you do to help? The public is welcome to attend the Drumathon in person, and ear plugs will be available upon entry. You can donate to the cause in a few ways. Be the DJ and donate $5 to choose a song for the drummers to play to (they’ll have on headphones – you’ll hear the song over a speaker system) or pay to play, and your $5 will get you a spot at a drum kit for one song only. There will also be a DJ set by Visible Music College student Andrew Smith.

Drumathon kicks off at 9 a.m. on Oct. 24. Here’s a taste of Drumathon 8 to give you an idea of what to expect.

WHAT: Visible Music College’s 10th Annual Drumathon
WHERE: 200 Madison Avenue, Vining Hall
WHEN: 9:00 am October 24- 9:00 am October 25
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